When choosing a pressure washer there is a lot to consider. There are a wide range of pressure washers that vary considerably with respect to size, power, and style. There are both electric and gas powered models. Some are built for residential use and others for industrial purposes. Some are fairly inexpensive while others will cost you thousands. Therefore, it is important to determine a few things first so that you choose the most appropriate fit for your needs.

First, you must determine your intended uses. This can save you a lot of money and time. You do not want to purchase something greater than your needs and you do not want to experience any down time because you did not choose an adequate model from the beginning. If you are using it to clean a boat or a car once in a while, then obviously a smaller residential model will be the best fit. However, if you own a car lot and need to clean numerous cars on a regular basis, then an industrial model is essential. Your intended uses will first determine if you need an industrial or residential model. Most industrial models are gas powered, while residential models can be either electric or gas. Electric will suffice for those small jobs, yet gas will definitely offer more power and efficiency. Electric is good for use in confined areas or indoors. However, gas powered ones will create fumes and should not be used indoors. Also, gas powered pressure washers are obviously more portable because they are not confined to an electric outlet.

Your uses will also help you determine if you need cold or hot water and what PSI and GPM are best. Some models only feature cold water while others have hot and cold capability. Cold is usually less costly and gets jobs done well. To simply wash off your driveway a light duty cold water model is sufficient. However, if you are trying to remove grease from your driveway, you might want to consider one that has hot water capabilities. The PSI is a very important factor and is a measurement of the pressure or power of the water. For simple car washing, a lower PSI is all you need. But for the hefty projects you will definitely need a higher PSI. GPM stands for gallons per minute emitted. Most pressure washers not only increase the pressure of the water but also use less amounts compared to that of a regular hose. Sometimes manufactures express this efficiency in "cleaning units." This is calculated by multiplying the PSI and GPM together.

Once you determine the power and type, you should move on to determining which convenient features are most attractive to you and your needs. Overall, there is a lot to decide from. However, first determining your uses and then your needs will place you in the best position to choose the optimal model for you.

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